Cosa puoi fare con Google Gemini di workspace

Cosa comprende Google Gemini per workspace e cosa puoi fare

Quali sono davvero le funzioni di Google Gemini per l'utilizzo business nel tuo lavoro, ecco la lista delle funzionalità di Google Gemini AI.

Oggi è acquistabile in Italia e per chi possiede già un abbonamento attivo Google Workspace al prezzo in promozione di €13,44 ed una volta attivato potete fare quello evidenziato sotto in questo elenco pubblicato direttamente da Google.

Features available today

Gemini for Google Workspace lets organizations create, connect, and collaborate like never before.

Gemini (

  • One of our most powerful AI models, 1.0 Ultra–Far more capable at reasoning, following instructions, coding, and creative collaboration.
  • A more natural way to explore and dive deeper into work that matters–Brainstorm effectively, refine your thinking, and discover new perspectives just by chatting with Gemini.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration–Work with ease by bringing your insights and creations generated with Gemini into Google Workspace apps.
  • Designed for highly complex tasks–Built to quickly understand and respond to a diverse set of inputs — including text, images and code.
  • Includes enterprise-grade data protection–your submissions aren't used to train models and are not reviewed by humans. Learn more about access to Gemini

Try it now! Check out these sample prompts.

Help me write

In Google Docs and Gmail, you can use Gemini for Google Workspace to help write and refine business documents and emails. 

Help me design

Use Gemini in Google Slides to create custom images. Enter a prompt to describe the image you want. Gemini will generate options that you can add to your slide.

Go to: Create images with Gemini

Help me organize

In Google Sheets, you can use Gemini for Google Workspace to organize and process your spreadsheet data.

  • Gemini can help you organize projects or events, such as a task tracker or conference agenda. Enter a prompt describing what you want to organize. Gemini will suggest a custom table with placeholder data that you can insert in your spreadsheet. Go to: Organize with Gemini
  • Make manual text processing tasks easier. Gemini automatically detects incomplete column pairs and predicts remaining values. It can finish filling out a feedback categorization column based on existing data. Go to: Enhanced Smart Fill with AI in Google Sheets.

Help me connect

With Gemini for Google Workspace in Google Meet:

  • Create custom background images. For example, ask Gemini to create an illustration of a magical forest.
  • Use studio look to turn a low-quality image into studio quality by fixing issues caused by low light or low-quality webcams.
  • Use studio lighting to simulate professional lighting in your video feed so you can be perfectly lit for your meeting.
  • Use studio sound to improve the audio experience in Meet, restoring your original voice by recreating and balancing missing or distorted frequencies.
  • Use translated captions to remove language proficiency barriers and make Meet video calls more inclusive and collaborative. [Gemini Enterprise only]

For Google Workspace admins

As an admin, you can:

  • Set up AI classification of your sensitive data. After you train a model, Gemini can automatically apply labels to both new and existing files in Google Drive. [Beta feature for Gemini Enterprise only]

Mondo Telematico offre servizi derivanti da Google Gemini per facilitare e velocizzare il vostro lavoro. A Castelvetrano Google Gemini adesso è una realtà.

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